Government wrong to exclude intra-company transfers from immigration cap

The Government has announced that intra-company transfers – a type of work permit which allows employers to transfer workers from overseas offices to the UK without advertising requirements in the UK first- will not be included in the immigration cap.
Comments attributable to Ann Swain, Chief Executive of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo):
“About 80% of non-EU IT workers come to the UK on intra-company transfers. If intra-company transfers are excluded, the immigration cap will largely be an empty political gesture that will do little to restrict the influx of non-EU IT workers to the UK.”
APSCo has written to the Migration Advisory Committee to call for intra-company transfers to be included within the immigration cap. A reduction in the number of intra-company transfers would be compensated for by increased employment within the existing pool of resident IT professionals.”
“Most workers coming to the UK on intra-company transfers have generic skill sets that are readily available in this country. We are certain that a large proportion of these roles, if advertised at UK market rates, could be filled by the resident labour market.”
“We need full transparency on the pay and terms of conditions of workers entering the UK via the ICT route. The current system is far too opaque and is open to abuse.”
“Intra-company transfers are used because it is easy and saves on employment costs. Employers don’t want the expense of hiring UK or EU nationals. The use of intra-company transfers in the IT sector often has little to do with lack of skills in the UK workforce.”