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Conduit People Management Ltd
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Conduit People Management was set up to provide the most compliant and customer service focused payment solution in the marketplace.
Regardless of your industry, length of contract or daily pay rate each individual can expect the highest level of customer service and an HMRC compliant solution. Conduit People Management was formed by a team of resourcing, regulation and compliance professionals to implement a stress-free employment service for the benefit of UK freelancers, independent contractors and recruitment agencies.
We provide a clear, concise, simple to understand, HMRC compliant payment solution for contractors. By taking away the administrative burden you are left to focus on what is important, your contract. With an equally attractive price and personal benefits Conduit People Management is the umbrella company of choice. 
Our customer service and competitive fee structure make Conduit People Management one of the most cost effective PAYE solutions in the market.
Our services include:

  • HMRC compliant PAYE solution
  • Immediate processing of all income received
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Extensive HMRC compliant expenses policy
  • Full statutory employment rights, including maternity, paternity and sick pay
  • Professional Human Resources assistance
  • Complete professional insurance package at no extra cost:
    - £10 million Employers Liability
    - £5 million Public Liability
    - £1 million Professional Indemnity

To find out more call our freephone number now on 0800 954 9942 and speak to one of our consultants, or request a call back and we will contact you as soon as possible.